7 Zip 21.07 can extract VHDX disk images
7 Zip 21.07 can extract VHDX disk images

7-Zip 21.07 is one of the most well-known file compression programs out there.

This time the developers of 7-Zip did not take long to come up with a new updated release. One of the new highlighted features is it can extract VHDX disk images, for example, Microsoft Hyper-V Virtual Hard Disk v2 format.

And as expected, it comes with some other new interesting changes too. See down below. And still, 7-Zip 21.07 won’t cost you anything and is free to download.

Changed in 7-Zip 21.07

  • 7-Zip now can extract VHDX disk images (Microsoft Hyper-V Virtual Hard Disk v2 format).
  • New switches: -spm and -im!{file_path} to exclude directories from processing for specified paths that don’t contain path separator character at the end of path.
  • In the “Add to Archive” window, now it is allowed to use -m prefix for “Parameters” field as in command line: -mparam.
  • The sorting order of files in archives was slightly changed to be more consistent for cases where the name of some directory is the same as the prefix part of the name of another directory or file.
  • TAR archives created by 7-Zip now are more consistent with archives created by GNU TAR program.

Download: 7Zip-Update