AMD made Adrenalin 21.6.1 Graphics Driver ready for download with support for the RX 6800M graphics card, the game Dungeons & Dragons/Dark Alliance and AMD Fidelity FX Super Resolution.

Fixed in this release

  • Radeon FreeSync may be temporarily locked on the desktop if there is a switch between the extended and primary screens after a game is quit, resulting in poor performance or jerking.
  • Anno 1800 may crash when starting this game when directx 12 is running.
  • The AMD cleanup program may clean up the folders/registrations in the system associated with the chipset/RAID installer.
  • For some Radeon graphics products, performance in Destiny 2 may be lower than expected compared to previous Radeon software versions.
  • After joining the AMD User Experience Program, the AMD User Experience Program Master service may have a higher than expected CPU usage.
  • Enabling ray tracing when running Ring of Elysium on DirectX┬«12 can cause the game to crash.

Download: Adrenalin 21.6.1