ASIO4ALL 2.15 Studio Driver For Windows 11
ASIO4ALL 2.15 Studio Driver For Windows 11

Finally, an updated version of ASIO4AL is available with Windows 11 support.

This driver is intended for professional studio musicians and ensures very low latency when used in, for example, Steinberg Cubase or Adobe Audio Edition, or other studio recording software. It’s really a driver you can’t do without.

If you are not familiar with ASIO4ALL, we do highly recommend the driver. A phenomenon such as stuttering tracks or with a not acceptable delay is a thing of the past using this audio driver.

Fixed or changed in ASIO4ALL

  • Fixes possible compatibility issues with Windows 11.
  • Fixes and workarounds for on-board audio on newer AMD systems (such as Ryzen 5000).
  • Fixed a number of issues related to WaveRT package support.
  • The visual problems of the GUI with high DPI displays have been corrected.
  • Improved backward compatibility with Windows 8 (but no official support!)

How to and Download: Driver-Update