Change search button Windows 11 build 25158

Starting with build 25158, some devices will receive different visual treatments for search on the taskbar. Windows Insiders who use the Dev Channel may get to try out new ideas.

search button taskbar variants

For users not on the insider program, and still want to try this out, you need to follow the instructions below.

How to Change Search Button

  • Download vivetool on GitHub here
  • Unzip the on your Desktop
  • right-click the vivetool folder and choose PowerShell in the context-Menu
  • PowerShell will be opened as an administrator and with the correct path.
  • Type or copy and pasteĀ  .\vivetool /enable /id:39072097 /X (where x is the variant number)
  • Hit enter
  • Restart OS or Restart Explorer (changes will take place)

Choose Variant Number

  • 1 and 2 = Search is shown as text, but with different animations.
  • 3 = Magnifying glass over a globe can be seen.
  • 4 = Large globe with a small magnifying glass is visible.
  • 5 = Search the web as the text is visible. (Sort of similar to Windows 10)

Disable Change

  • Disable .\vivetool /disable /id:39072097 (all changes)