DevToys with some fixes

DevToys with some fixes
DevToys with some fixes

There is another new release of DevToys available, bringing two fixes for bugs found in the previous release. The Base64 Image Encoder / Decoder integrated crashed in the previous version.

DevToys is a handy little tool for administrators and developers, it has been updated and improved again. If you don’t know DevToys yet, it is definitely worth your time and effort to check it out here.


  • Update Simplified Chinese Translation of version 1.0.7 by @Gaoyifei1011 in #530
  • Updated Ci to use Windows 2022 image by @veler in #523
  • Improved the layout of many tools in “Keep on top” view. by @veler in #531

Bug Fixes

  • [Base64 Image] Click on save or view while no input made the app crashing by @veler in #529
  • Changed the Base64 Image tool to use the Code editor instead of a Text box by @veler in #532

Download: Microsoft Store