Dynamic Theme 1.6 Background and/or Lock-Screen

Dynamic Theme 1.6 new
Dynamic Theme 1.6 new

Recently, Windows 11 Build 22000.706 got a new feature called Windows Spotlight. It brings the world to your desktop or lock-screen, with every day a brand-new picture.

With this feature, new pictures will automatically appear on your desktop background or your lock screen, or both.

However, for the good old Windows 10, you can implement the same feature by installing Dynamic Theme 1.6 from the Microsoft Store.

Dynamic Theme 1 6

In version 1.6, the Ul is completely redesigned to match Windows 11. The redesign is also available for Windows 10 users, with some differences like Acrylic material to keep a good integration.

Dynamic Theme 1.6 also includes

  • The troubleshooting wizard detects better misconfiguration related to the slideshow feature
  • The reliability of the slideshow feature is improved.
  • Preferences preview style is updated on Windows 11.
  • The next picture update is indicated in the Ul (approximation of one hour).
  • Add an entry in the menu of the application when an update is available.
  • Various other corrections and improvements.


Download: Microsoft Store