Edge Dev 100.0.1185.7 Online

Edge Dev 100.0.1185.7
Edge Dev 100.0.1185.7

Microsoft released Edge Dev 100.0.1185.7 to insiders on the Dev Channel. The new build comes with enabled support for Clarity-Boost in Xbox Cloud Gaming. It’s an extra release for version 100.

So almost on version 101. As always, the new build comes with some added features and a lot of fixes.

Changelog for Edge Dev 100.0.1185.7

New Added Features
  • Enabled by default support for Clarity Boost in Xbox Cloud Gaming.
  • Added a prompt to automatically sign in to sites (with the same account that’s used for signing in to the browser) that are preventing it because they’ve previously been signed out of.
  • Management policies (note that updates to documentation and administrative templates may not have occurred yet):
    • Added a management policy to control if the Edge Asset Delivery Service is enabled, which is a service that the browser uses to download various configuration files and machine learning models that power certain features.
    • Added support for the PDF Secure Mode management policy, which controls Digital Signature validation of PDFs.
  • Developer:
    • Added an API to WebView2 to update Status Bar text.  Note that this API was previously in “Experimental” status, and updates to documentation and SDKs may not have occurred yet.
    • Added support for non-value badges on PWA shortcuts to show when a website wants to set an alert but doesn’t want to specify any text on the badge.

Fixed in Edge Dev 100.0.1185.7

  • Fixed a crash when using Find on Page.
  • Fixed a crash when opening certain PDFs.
  • Fixed a crash when interacting with IE mode tabs.
  • Fixed a crash when refreshing IE mode tabs.
  • Fixed an issue where the browser sometimes can’t navigate to any websites and loads endlessly.
  • Mobile:
    • Fixed a crash when viewing tabs.
    • Fixed a crash when using certain shopping features.
    • Fixed a crash when using Read Aloud.
  • Reduced the number of extensions that block Startup Boost.
  • Fixed an issue where the browser re-opens as soon as it’s closed.
  • Fixed an issue where Family Safety sometimes doesn’t work, and instead launches a regular window.
  • Fixed an issue where clicking websites pinned to the taskbar sometimes activates existing tabs of the same site instead of opening a new tab to the site.
  • Fixed an issue where websites are sometimes attached to the incorrect pinned website icon on the taskbar when there are multiple pages from the same website pinned.
  • Fixed an issue where certain buttons can’t be hidden from the toolbar.
  • Fixed an issue where Tab Groups don’t have the correct colors in certain menus.
  • Management policies:
    • Fixed an issue where certain versions of Windows report that they don’t support enterprise management when they should.
    • Fixed an issue where the management policy to control if Kiosk Address Bar Editing is Enabled sometimes doesn’t work.
    • Removed support for the management policy from Chromium to control if the Lock Icon In the Address Bar is Enabled, which controls which kinds of sites show the lock icon.
  • Mobile:
    • Fixed an issue where downloaded files sometimes can’t be opened.
    • Fixed an issue where files sometimes can’t be downloaded and then shared to OneDrive.
    • Fixed an issue where profiles sometimes can’t be switched after using Guided Switch.
    • Fixed an issue where cookie consent dialogs from certain websites can’t be dismissed.

Source: Microsoft