Edge Dev 108.0.1462.2 to the Dev Channel

Edge Dev 108.0.1462.2 to the Dev Channel
Edge Dev 108.0.1462.2 to the Dev Channel

Microsoft released build 108.0.1462.2 to the Dev channel today. Many bug fixes and some added features in this one. This time also with fixes for Mac, Android, iOS, and Xbox.

Changelog for Edge Dev 108.0.1462.2 

[New Features]

  • Added keyboard shortcuts to Tab Orientation and Tab Search.
  • Added “Automatically hide the forward button when not needed” option in the Appearance settings.
  • You can add any website to the Sidebar.
  • New policy: Disable search in Sidebar.
  • We added a recovered folder for Favorites lost due to sync issues.
  •  Android
    • You can now rename downloaded files.
    • App blocker now has an allow list.
    • New Tab Page Newsfeed stories now have a Read aloud button.

[Improved Reliability]

  • Fixed a crash when a user shuts down the browser.
  • We removed the shopping animation icon that causes a browser crash.
  • Fixed a crash due to the address bar scroll bar.
  • Fixed password generation with 1 click account creation causes the browser to crash.
  • Fixed a crash on the Recently Closed History page.
  • Fixed Crash recovery that wasn’t working on PDF with forms.
  • Fixed browser crash when you click on Workspace from a favorite pane in the InPrivate window.
  • Fixed a crash when closing a browser window.
  • Fixed a crash related to the browser’s Accessibility Manager.
  • Fixed the Autofill issue that caused the browser to crash.
  • Fixed the browser crash related to Enhance image setting.
  • Fixed a crash when closing the browser when a recommended update is available.
  • WebView2
    • Fixed a crash whenever you tried to navigate to a new site.
    • Fixed the crashing issue of assigning nullptr to some PrintSetting properties (Issue 2858).
  • iOS
    • Fixed Password Manager crash.
    • Fixed auto suggestion crashing.
    • Fixed the Weather notification crash.

[ Changed Behavior]  

  • Website typo protection is now full-page instead of a flyout dialog.
  • Fixed the Action menu button and collapsing tab group not responding correctly.
  • Fixed Microsoft Edge Update card and policy that wasn’t showing on edge://policy page.
  • Fixed the Snooze button that wasn’t working in the Shopping dialog.
  • Fixed the issue where “search the web for” displays twice in the context menu.
  • Fixed Toast notifications from not displaying.
  • Fixed Read Aloud Bar was not displaying.
  • Recently Closed no longer opens a New Tab Page.
  • Fixed the Save to Collections option on pictures still appearing when disabling this feature.
  • Fixed the blank edge://favorites page when removing a favorite during a search.
  • Fixed issues with the use of vertical tabs in Fullscreen.
  • Fixed the scrollbar area where the mouse click doesn’t register.
  • Removed Workspace windows in Recently closed due to crashing issue when restoring.
  • Fixed tabs not visible when restoring the browser window from minimizing while the DevTools is open.
  • Fixed the two page view in the PDF viewer.
  • Fixed the downloaded 1KB PDF file size issue while the browser is set as your default PDF viewer.
  • Fixed unable to launch a second instance of the browser when it has an update waiting for restart.
  • WebView2
    • We disable clicking on files from the downloads hub UI for UWP due to a file is not accessible issue.
    • Fixed printer settings custom header and footer. (#2093)
    • Fixed printing issue when the user initiated another printing before the first printing started.
    • Fixed getting ProcessInfo API on WinRT devices (#2589)
  • Mac
    • Fixed the browser crash after being in an idle state.
  • Android
    • Fixed an issue where logging into the browser fails when proxy authentication is required.
    • Fixed Tab center showing instead of NTP when “Resume to NTP on startup” is enabled.
  • iOS
    • Fixed Tracking Prevention not working correctly.
    • Fixed Outlook not opening in top sites.
    • Fixed undo option not appearing when deleting favorites.
    • Fixed the “Add current page to collection” button not working correctly.
    • Fixed translation failure.
    • Fixed Translator setting where cannot select Offer to Translate on the Chinese language.
  • Xbox
    • Disabled Sidebar due to not working correctly.

Download: Edge-Dev-Update