Edge Dev 109.0.1481.0 Online

Edge Dev 109.0.1481.0 Online
Edge Dev 109.0.1481.0 Online

Microsoft came up with a new Edge Dev build beginning series 109. It’s a build filled up with a long list of fixes, some improvements, and some newly added features.

Changelog for Edge Dev 109.0.1481.0

[Added features]   

  • Added Open this page in Compatibility view toggle in the Add a page prompt for Internet Explorer mode pages.
  • Added open in new tab button on the Sidebar games.
  • WebView2
    • Added support for File Upload in UWP (#1639)
    • Added IDL validator tool.

[Improved reliability]

  • Fixed Autofill account selection menu not entering credentials.
  • Fixed the browser crash with Autofill dialog when navigating to the cross button using an arrow key or pressing Tab or Shift + Delete keys while the focus is on the cross button.
  • Fixed the browser crash while using Find in Page in the PDF viewer.
  • Fixed Sidebar issue that causes the browser to crash.
  • Fixed the browser crash when signing out your profile in Workspace.
  • Fixed a crash related to Sidebar.
  • Fixed the browser crash that’s related to HDR video.
  • Fixed a crash when navigating to certain websites.
  • Fixed the browser crash issue when clicking on the performance button after closing Kids mode window.
  • Fixed the browser crash when entering or exiting Full screen.
  • Fixed a crash related to recommended update.
  • Fixed the browser crash related to Assistance Home button.
  • Fixed a crash when interacting with visual search results
  • iOS
    • Fixed browser crash when launching.
    • Fixed browser crash related to notifications.
  • Android
    • Fixed browser crash when enabling Bold text in Android setting.
  • macOS
    • Fixed the browser crash related to account sync.
  • WebView2
    • Fixed crash when clicking on the thumbnail view in the taskbar and moving focus to the WebView2 window.
    • Fixed visual hosting crashes with Windows 10 Anniversary Update and older.

 [Changed behavior]

  • Fixed STATUS_ACCESS_VIOLATION error message on certain websites.
  • Fixed picture profile in Microsoft Edge icon on the taskbar.
  • Fixed Allow extensions from other stores toggle not reflecting change in the Extensions page.
  • Fixed incorrect colors on pictures when turning off Enhance Image.
  • Fixed the double Sort by name buttons after invoking it in Collection.
  • Fixed HEVC video playback issue.
  • Fixed Find on Page issue not scrolling to the first highlighted match term.
  • Fixed Edge bar Search bar not scaling correctly when it’s on Search only layout.
  • Fixed The Pinning Wizard not loading content.
  • Fixed Favorites from opening a new tab while on a New Tab Page.
  • When clicking on a join Workspace link, the initial New Tab no longer stays open.
  • Fixed an issue with installing and uninstalling PWA.
  • iOS
    • Fixed missing icons on top sites.
    • Fixed Sign in not working correctly.
    • Fixed the Open external app dialog not showing up.
    • Fixed black screen when launching.
    • Fixed sync invalid token pop-up when sync is disabled by policy.
    • Fixed history not displaying when tapping on the address bar.
    • Fixed data loss when upgrading from an older version of Microsoft Edge.
  • Android
    • Fixed the NTP search box not responding.
    • Fixed blank Feedback submission issue.
    • Fixed browser crash related to Tracking prevention.
  • WebView2
    • Fixed the blank PDF toolbar issue when hiding three of the buttons. (#2866)
  • Xbox
    • Fixed HEVC MP4 video playback in WebView2.
  • HoloLens
    • Fixed DRM media playback.

Source: Microsoft

Download: Edge-Dev-Update