Edge Dev build 105.0.1321.0 Live now

Edge Dev build 105.0.1321.0 Live now
Edge Dev build 105.0.1321.0 Live now

It’s been a while since Microsoft released an extensive update to insiders on the dev channel. The previous updates were really minor. But today is the day, Microsoft released Edge Dev build 105.0.1321.0 with quite a few fixes and improvements. And even more, four newly added features.

Changelog for Edge Dev build 105.0.1321.0

New Features   

  • Added language region information to the offline voices for iOS  
  • Added the “x” close button to the Share pane  
  • Added in a notification when users try to Share a PDF larger than 25 MB  
  • Added a tooltip for Micro-Feedback (thumbs up/thumbs down icons) in settings 


  • Improved Edge Cloud Control Platform for Android and iOS  
  • Improvements for Android Read aloud  
  • Improved tooltips on the mini menu 
  • Improved Designer hub behavior to properly open and close on macOS  
  • Improved the tabs’ view for iOS  
  • Improved accessibility by adding announcements for the translation and cancel buttons on the translation pane in Immersive Reader for mobile  
  • Improved drag/drop functionality  
  • Improved features for Autofill  
  • Ensured YouTube will load when clicking on the Windows notification 

 Changed Behavior 

  • Fixed iOS app popup menu  
  • Fixed issue where icon styling was making doc icons appear as circles  
  • Changed the behavior when closing out of a text-note window on PDFs to focus back on the note highlight  
  • Optimized mobile notification requests  
  • Fixed a visual issue where the optional diagnostics box did not appear unchecked on Android   
  • Completed changes for the Digital Signature icon on the toolbar for Microsoft Browser  
  • Fixed saved passwords from re-organizing after searching for a password on iOS  
  • Fixed the issue where clicking on Windows notifications from a website does not open that website 
  • Fixed an issue where Read Aloud does not start 
  • Updated announcement phrase for the Info Bar after updating cookie settings 
  • Selecting Customize toolbar from the toolbar’s right-click menu will land users directly on the Customize toolbar section in Settings  

Download: Edge-Dev-Update