Edge Dev build 106.0.1349.1 Online

Edge Dev build 106.0.1349.1 Online
Edge Dev build 106.0.1349.1 Online

Microsoft has released a new Edge Dev build to the Dev channel. The new build number is 106.0.1349.1, and it comes with a few extra features and fixes. A new but interesting new feature is the enabled password nickname feature.

Changelog for Edge Dev build 106.0.1349.1

[Added Features]

  • Added new policies from upstream and corresponding downstream changes
  • Added History Date Filtering on the full page for History
  • Enabled the Password nickname feature

[Improved Reliability]

  • Disabled pinning options in the menu for a specific website, if the website is already pinned to the taskbar
  • Improved smart history searches (e.g.: “videos from last week”)
  • Improved camera feature for websites on Android

 [Changed Behavior]

  • Fixed an issue where certain address bar instant answers were unnecessarily truncated
  • Fixed Narrator announcements in Settings
  • Fixed various crashes
  • Updated a Policy, so when signed into Microsoft Edge with a work or school account (AAD), feedback is associated with account and organization
  • Fixed an issue where feedback cannot be sent from within the side pane
  • Fixed an error when attempting to generate a QR code on Android
  • Fixed a crash when changing profiles on iOS

Download: Edge-Dev-Update