Edge Dev channel 105 0 1329 1 Released
Edge Dev channel 105 0 1329 1 Released

Microsoft released another small update, Edge Dev, to the insiders again. The new update comes with some improvements, Fixes, and two added features.

Changelog for Edge Dev channel 105.0.1329.1

[Added Features]   
  • Added a button in the PDF toolbar to share documents.  
  • Added a mute indicator on tabs when the browser is muted in the volume mixer 
[Improved Reliability]   
  • Updated max URL length in the side pane for visual search  
  • We added an “always enforce” list to Enhanced Security mode 
  • Improved iOS Feedback prompt to notify when connection is blocking the ability to send feedback 
 [Changed Behavior]

 Fixed a crash when getting the page count in print preview  

  • Fixed the downloads toolbar icon disappearing after a download started and the flyout was closed 
  • Fixed the blank space in the Guest mode indicator 
  • Fixed a crash on iOS when closing tabs while Read Aloud is active  
  • Fixed a crash when restoring tabs from a previously closed window 
  • Fixed a crash when adding a Favorites folder on iOS 
  • Fixed an issue where Microsoft Reward was not displaying in Settings on mobile 

Download: Edge-Dev-Update