Edge is Managed by Your Organization Fix

Edge is Managed by Your Organization Fix
Edge is Managed by Your Organization Fix

If you’re wondering why you can’t change certain settings in the Microsoft Edge browser anymore, this may help you solve the puzzle you’re currently facing.

As you know, Microsoft is always hiding things like putting unsolicited software on your system through OS updates (introduction of Windows 11), advertisements, or hidden policies that the average user knows nothing about.

The policies feature (put in by design by Microsoft) is intended for organizations, not for  average home users. So it’s a bit out of place to implement it this way.

This Edge problem is one of them. So if you go to the main menu of your browser, and you see the message “Managed by your Organization” at the bottom of the menu, that’s the reason you can’t change settings like you were used to not so long ago.

Managed by your organization

However, there is a simple solution to revert this.

Open your OS Regedit as administrator and check two locations.




Found it? Just delete the Edge key completely and restart your machine.

That’s it. Now you can change the Edge browser settings again like you were used to, and the message at the bottom of the main menu, “Managed by your Organization” won’t be there anymore.