Edge Stable 101.0.1210.32 released to the public

Edge Stable 101.0.1210.32 released to the public 2
Edge Stable 101.0.1210.32 released to the public 2

Microsoft released another update of Edge Stable to the public. It’s bringing the ability to set the default profile, and it’s now possible to Launch Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) from the favorites bar.

The new update also includes some changed policies, you can read more about them down below.

Microsoft also incorporated the latest Security Updates of the Chromium project. For more information, see the Security Update Guide.

This update also contains the following Microsoft Edge-specific update:

The complete changelog for Edge Stable 101.0.1210.32

  • Ability to set the default profile. The EdgeDefaultProfileEnabled policy will let you set a default profile to use when opening the browser instead of the last profile that was used. This policy won’t be applicable if the --profile-directory parameter has been specified.
  • Client Certificate Switcher. This feature will offer a way for users to clear the remembered certificate and resurface the certificate picker when visiting a site that requires HTTP certificate authentication. This can be done without manually quitting Microsoft Edge.
  • Launch Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) from the favorites bar. Improvements to the PWA launch experience will start appearing with an Apps icon that can be added to the toolbar.
  • Manage the “Allow extensions from other stores” setting. Now you can use the ControlDefaultStateOfAllowExtensionFromOtherStoresSettingEnabled policy to set the default state of the “Allow extensions from other stores” setting.
  • Improvements to the Enterprise Site List Manager. Now you can configure shared cookies between Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer on your enterprise site list. You can access the Enterprise Site List Manager at edge://compat/SiteListManager.

Changed policies

Deprecated policies

  • ForceCertificatePromptsOnMultipleMatches – Configure whether Microsoft Edge should automatically select a certificate when there are multiple certificate matches for a site configured with “AutoSelectCertificateForUrls”

Obsoleted policies

Microsoft: The new update will roll out progressively over one or more days. 

Download: Edge-Update