Microsoft released a new updated Edge Stable build 95.0.1020.38 to the public yesterday.

Microsoft fixed various bugs & performance issues in the new release.

A new Microsoft Edge security baseline package was just released to the Download Center. You can download the version 95 package from the Security Compliance Toolkit.

  • Enable blocking of legacy extension points in the browser: To improve reliability and security, this new setting blocks certain code injections from legacy third-party utilities. This setting is enabled by default and is implemented in the baseline with the value “enabled”.
  • Determines whether to check or skip the Display Capture permission policy: This setting exists as a temporary compatibility mitigation to allow web applications that use the getDisplayMedia() API to bypass a permissions policy check required by the API specification. This setting is enabled by default and is implemented with the value “enabled” in the baseline up to version 100, when this setting is deprecated and permanently enabled.