Edge Stable version 88 QR Code Feature

qr code 2021
qr code 2021

If you like, you can enable the hidden QR code feature in Microsoft Edge Stable version 88.

Maybe you are using it already, if you don’t and like to know how to enable it, follow the steps below.

  • Open your Edge Stable Browser and type “edge://flags” in the address bar on top of the browser window.
  • A new screen will open up called experiments.
  • On this screen use the search flags typing in, QR Code.
  • The QR Code option/menu will show up where you can enable the new QR Code feature.

qr code feature

  • Finally, restart your Browser and the new QR Code feature will be active.
  • After taking all the necessary steps, click your mouse pointer in the address bar, and following you will see the new QR Code option appear there.
  • Click on it and your QR Code will show up. Like you can see below.

code panel

Or make a code using right-click on a webpage you are on.

right-click make qr code