ElevenClock 3.1 Update

ElevenClock 3.1 Update
ElevenClock 3.1 Update

Martí Climent the developer of ElevenClock came up with yet another update of ElevenClock for Windows 11.

The build number went up to 3.1. ElevenClock can be used to customize the existing clock or to completely replace the Windows 11 clock with a custom one.

Fixed or Changed in ElevenClock 3.1

  • Fixed an issue with clocks with three rows (bottom line cut)
  • Fixed an issue with the context menu in dark mode
  • Added rounded corners to context menu*i
  • Improved scaling method
  • Improved color dialogs and light mode in general
  • Added the ability to specify a custom cock height, x and y position
  • Added the Announcements Section: An online-based announcements banner in the settings window
  • Fixed an issue that made the notification dot squared
  • Added an option to disable notification dot and focus assistant
  • Added a new slide in the alpha welcome wizard.
  • Improved the log window*
  • Other improvements and bug fixes


The small app comes with numerous features.

  • Supports all system locales and time formats (they are pulled from the OS)*
  • Shows in all displays except in the primary one (because you have the default system clock)
  • Supports the dark and the light theme both
  • Hides automatically when using a full-screen app (this function can be disabled)
  • Imitates Windows 11’s taskbar clock animation on hover
  • Supports taskbars on the top of the screen
  • Supports moving the clock to the left of the screen (and showing in also on the main monitor)
  • Supports different system integrations, like hiding when RDP is active
  • Is compatible with the small taskbars
  • Supports taskbar customizations like Start11
  • Supports seconds (not available in Windows11 by default)
  • Supports also showing the week day
  • ElevenClock downloads and installs updates automatically, so you don’t have to worry about keeping yourself updatd with that
  • Clicking the clock shows/hides the notifications and calendar panel
  • Ability to correct the alignment and size on the HiDPi displays (100%, 200%, 300%) and on the fractional HiDPI displays(125%, 150%, 175%, 250%, etc.)*
  • Ability to correct the alignment and the size on Different-scaled monitors (Display1: 100%, Display2: 150%, Display3: 225%, etc.)*
  • The clock updates the time each second, so you will not see different times across all your taskbars
  • The clock also adjusts itself automatically when (dis)connecting monitors
  • Automatically starts at login
  • Supports font and size customization
  • Supports custom font color
  • Supports custom background color
  • Supports replacing the main clock
  • Supports a dynamic background color
  • Supports the notification assistant
  • Supports the unread notifications counter
  • Lots of extra features and tools!