With changes made by Microsoft to the Windows 11 taskbar in Windows 11 22H2 build 22581 (for now), some tools made for use in Windows 11 no longer work properly.

One of these tools is ElevenClock. The developer of the tool has made some adjustments so that everything works properly again.

The developer is still working on new tweaks to improve usability. ElevenClock versions 3.4.x are planned to introduce compatibility with Windows 11 Sun Valley 2 (Windows 11 22581+). Another tool, TranslucentTB suffers from the same problems, but this will also be fixed in the near future. For now, TranslucentTB can no longer display the taskbar transparently or Blured.

Changelog for ElevenClock 3.4.0 

  • Fixed the clock overlaying the new taskbar’s border (Windows 11 22581+)
  • Updated focus assistant icon (Windows 11 22581+)
    • The clock will show a different (filled) icon depending on the number of unread notifications when focus assistant is enabled
  • Added title bar and app icon on the settings window (Windows 11 22581+)
  • Removed some UI artifacts that appeared on hovering the clock
  • Added regional clocks to the tooltip (if they happen to be enabled)
  • Added the ability to disable/change the clock’s clicked action
  • Fixed the settings search UI
  • Upgraded to Python 3.10 and PyInstaller 4.9 (finally)
  • Other fixes and improvements