ElevenClock 3.9.6 Online for Download

ElevenClock 3.9.6 Online for Download
ElevenClock 3.9.6 Online for Download

Martí Climent the developer of ElevenClock came up with yet another update of ElevenClock for Windows 11.

The build number went up to 3.9.6. ElevenClock can be used to customize the existing clock or to completely replace the Windows 11 clock with a custom one.

Changelog for ElevenClock 3.9.6

  • Fixed an issue where the clock’s CPU usage would be higher than expected in specific scenarios

Changelog for ElevenClock 3.9.5

  • Fixed a crash present on the background loop thread, that would lead the clock to stay behind the taskbar
  • Updated some dependencies listing, thanks to @panther7
  • Removed useless binaries from the executable (back to 25 MB installers!)
ElevenClock 3 9 6
ElevenClock 3 9 6


  • Replace all system clocks: seamless experience
  • The clock starts automatically: You won’t have to bother enabling it
  • Customize the date and time format with presets and/or use custom presets (Add seconds, weekday, etc.)
  • Customize clock look: change font family, font size, font color, background color, and text alignment
  • Customize clock size: change clock height and width, and set also position offsets
  • Move the clock around: Move the clock to the top and/or to the left.
  • Hide the clock: Show or hide the clock on specific displays
  • Show Desktop button: The “Show Desktop” button is present on any screen where ElevenClock is shown
  • Sync time with the internet: always accurate time, everywhere

Other Available Features

  • Show the clock over full-screen
  • Hide the clock when clicked
  • Show a task manager shortcut on the clock context menu
  • Disable the notifications badge
  • More stuff can be found on ElevenClock Settings