Enable Tabs for File Explorer on Windows 11 25136
Enable Tabs for File Explorer on Windows 11 25136

Looks like the new tabbed File Explorer isn’t available to all insiders for now. Something you will discover after installing the new Windows 11 build 25136.

After you’ve done a fresh installation of the new build, you’ll probably want the tabs File Explorer to work, just to get the feel of it. For now, tabs is only available to some insiders. The new feature has been hidden for testing purposes by Microsoft. However, there is a way to enable it.

Explorer Tabs
Explorer Tabs

How to go about activating tabs

  • To start with, download vivetool from GitHub. Don’t change the unzipped folder name!
  • Run the command prompt as administrator and copy and paste the following into your CMD.  cd c:\ViVeTool-v0.2.1
  • Now you should be in the vivetool folder.
  • Type or copy and paste the command vivetool addconfig 37634385 2 and hit enter.
  • Restart your system to apply changes.
  • If for whatever reason you like to disable tabs again, repeat the above steps but use the command, vivetool delconfig 37634385 instead of vivetool addconfig 37634385 2, hit enter, restart your OS, and everything should be like it was before activating tabs File Explorer.

That’s it.