ExplorerPatcher 22621.608.51.1 Released

ExplorerPatcher 22621.608.51.1 Released
ExplorerPatcher 22621.608.51.1 Released

There is a new update available, build 22621.608.51.1. The new updated ExplorerPatcher comes with some fixes and improvements.

ExplorerPatcher can be used to restore Windows 10 taskbar and start menu display on Windows 11. It is a small tool to choose between Windows 11 or the Windows 10 taskbar.

Changelog for ExplorerPatcher 22621.608.51.1

  • Fixed a bug that could prevent the Windows 10 network or battery fly-outs from showing on OS build 22000.
  • Fixed the Windows 10 network and battery fly-outs on OS build 22621.
  • Weather: Fixed a bug that displayed the widget contents with incorrect left padding.

Please note: when you update to this version, the update notification will show 22622.608.51.1 as being available instead of 22621.608.51.1. This is expected, as we decided to have ExplorerPatcher use 22621 as the major build number as that is the OS version it is tested against, so it made much more sense to keep the two in sync. Unfortunately, we cannot retroactively update code that you already have running on your machine, so a bit of trickery was necessary to get you updated to a newer version with an older build number (the updater, by default, doesn’t “upgrade” you to versions having a build number that’s lower than what you have installed). The single side effect is that, when you upgrade, you see the wrong build number for the new version. After upgrading, future versions will be displayed as 22621…, until and if we ever decide to bump it up to 22622 again. This is just a cosmetic nuisance – there is no new 22622.608.51.1 version, and the latest 22621.608.51.1 version contains the latest fixes and enhancements for both OS builds 22621.608 and 22000.1042.

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