ExplorerPatcher 22622.450.50.2 for Windows 11 22H2 build 22621

ExplorerPatcher 22622.450.50.2
ExplorerPatcher 22622.450.50.2

There is new update available for Windows 11 users. The new updated ExplorerPatcher now comes with support for Windows 11 22H2 build 22621. The new build number has become 22622.450.50.2.

ExplorerPatcher can be used to restore the Windows 10 taskbar and start menu display on Windows 11. It’s a small tool for choosing between the Windows 11 or Windows 10 taskbar and to make various adjustments.

Changelog for ExplorerPatcher 22622.450.50.2

  • Support for OS builds 22621+. Read more here.
  • Added an option to shrink address bar height in File Explorer windows (thanks @krlvm).

Feature summary for ExplorerPatcher 22622.450.50.2

  • Choose between Windows 11 or Windows 10 taskbar (with labels support, small icons and lots of customization).
  • Disable Windows 11 context menu and command bar in File Explorer and more.
  • Open Start to All apps by default, choose number of frequent apps to show, display on active monitor and more.
  • Choose between the Windows 11, Windows 10 and Windows NT Alt-Tab window switcher with customization.
  • Lots of quality of life improvements for the shell, like:
    • Skin tray menus to match Windows style, make them behave like flyouts and center them relative to the icon.
    • Choose action when left and/or right-clicking the network icon.
    • Revert to the Windows 7 search box in File Explorer, or disable Windows Search altogether.
    • Disable immersive menus and use mitigations that help you run the real classic theme without glitches.
    • Learn more about all the functionality offered by this program, starting with this article in the wiki, here.

Some features may not be available on Windows 10. Antivirus false positives, read more about this here.

Note: Please make sure you are connected to the Internet while installing, the application might need to perform one-time downloads for several resources in order to enable full functionality.

Download: EP-Update