Files 1.5 Update With fluent design, Tabs, layout Modes

files 1.5 1
files 1.5 1

Files 1.5 can be used as a replacement for the good old Windows 10 File Explorer you probably use every day.

But with a big difference, fluent design, tabs, layout modes, and more new features coming in the near future. Replacing File Explorer with Files is easy to do, read more.

New features in version 1.5

  • F1 shortcut now opens the Files Wiki
  • Added collapsible sections to the sidebar
  • Added the ability to add the Home directory as a startup page
  • Added a WSL section to the sidebar
  • Added a library section to the sidebar
  • Made some enhancements to the bundle’s widget
  • Added adaptive layout modes
  • Added support for custom themes
  • Added the option to drag items between bundles
  • Added ability to launch Files with relative paths from the command line
  • Added folder previews to the preview pane
  • Added the option to close tabs to the right
  • Added support for collapsing the sidebar
  • Moved selection and layout options to the toolbar
  • Improved windowing/tab behavior when launching Files through different methods
  • Added the ability to pin folders to the start menu
  • Added the option to delete items as administrator

Bug fixes in version 1.5

  • Fixed an issue that would crash the app when navigating to a path longer than 255 chars
  • Fixed an issue where Ctrl+N was opening two windows
  • Fixed an issue where the date would sometimes display in the wrong time zone
  • Fixed an issue where drives were not removed from the sidebar when disconnected
  • Fixed an issue where the UAC prompt would show when opening .url shortcuts

Download: Microsoft Store