Yair A. released another update of Files file manager today.

The new file manager comes with some really nice new features and some fixes. For those who don’t know Files file manager yet, it is definitely worth a try. It also looks great, it’s styled like Windows 11.

New in Files 2.0.33

  • New keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Shift+C to copy the file path
  • New option to set Files as the default file manager
  • View the progress of file operations in the taskbar & resume operations when minimizing
  • Added additional options for the number of clicks to open files and folders
  • Added option to group by path for libraries
  • Default application for zip files is now considered
  • Using the correct tab name on the home page
  • Added import/export settings options
  • Search reliability has been improved
  • Added support for selecting your own icons

Fixed inĀ Files 2.0.33

  • Fixed a crash that occurred when going up from a network root path
  • Fixed an issue where the Edit Tags and Edit Terminals buttons did not work
  • OneDrive sync status hasn’t been updated
  • Fixed an issue where the preview window appeared unexpectedly when a file was quickly selected and deselected
  • Drag & Drop with 7zip has been corrected
  • Fixed: Keyboard shortcuts did not work in the column layout
  • The context menu had an incorrect height
  • Toggle quick look preview when changing selection
  • Fixed an issue where the environment variables were not updated when the terminal was started

New in Files 2.0.34

  • Added a warning to the option to set Files as the default file manager

Download: On-GitHub – Files 2.0.34

Files App
Files App
Developer: Yair A
Price: Free