Files 2.1 is available for download
Files 2.1 is available for download

Yair A. released another new update of Files file manager today. It’s version 2.1.The new file manager comes with some really nice new features and some fixes.

For those who don’t know Files file manager yet, it is definitely worth a try. It also looks great, it comes with Windows 11 styling.

The app is now available on the Microsoft Store.

What is Files 2.1

Files is a file manager which leverages the latest features of the Windows platform including Fluent Design, seamless updates, and APIs which enable the performance and lifecycle behavior that users expect. Whether you want to simplify your experience with your files or try something new, Files is a one-stop solution for exploring your files on the fly.

Changed or Fixed in Files 2.1

  • Added a hotkey for playing audio and video in the preview pane by @TomaszSteblik in #6690
  • Added a toolbar button to empty recycle bin by @cinqmilleans in #6693
  • Set window title to be the same as the selected tab name by @gave92 in #6762
  • Added compatibility section to the properties window by @gave92 in #6691
  • Increased Native Read > 4096 limit by @d2dyno1 in #6852
  • Added native ARM64 Support by @gus33000 in #6901
  • Added support for Nextcloud by @gave92 in #7401
  • Detect Yandex.Disk cloud drive by @gave92 in #7406
  • Redesigned the properties window @yaichenbaum in #7416
  • Redesigned the settings dialog by @yaichenbaum in #6930
  • Increased icon size in the customization properties page by @timwenger in #7021
  • Added support for symbolic file links by @gave92 in #7006
  • Added clear all button to the ongoing tasks flyout by @petrjancar in #7025
  • Open new columns in the column layout on a single click by @yaichenbaum in #7470
  • Added keyboard shortcut (Ctrl+H) to show/hide hidden files by @guillaume-nizet in #7106
  • Import/export all settings into a zipped archive by @gave92 in #7078
  • Made active ongoing tasks appear at the top of the ongoing tasks flyout by @petrjancar in #7022
  • Remove delay of loading sidebar items and other services on startup by @winston-de in #7104
  • Mousewheel click opens new tab at selected path by @Raithlin in #7126
  • Open recycle bin & this pc in Files when set as the default file manager @gave92 in #7408
  • Open control panel in existing window when Files is set as the default file manager by @gave92 in #7456
  • Added experimental option to show folder sizes by @cinqmilleans in #7244
  • Add action on label click to change layout by @cinqmilleans in #7191
  • Show basic preview for recycle bin items by @winston-de in #7203
  • Added support for collapsing widgets on the homepage by @yaichenbaum in #7285
  • Extended click area to whole settings block by @d2dyno1 in #7336
  • Update tab titles using current navigation arguments by @jiejasonliu in #7333
  • Added subtle listview animation by @yaichenbaum in #7311
  • Added option to open Files on Windows startup by @esibruti in #7309
  • Improved the behavior when installing fonts by @gave92 in #7394
  • Improved keyboard navigation in the details layout by @gave92 in #7390
  • Improved keyboard navigation in the column layout by @gave92 in #7425
  • Improved the behavior of the taskbar jumplist by @Jaiganeshkumaran in #7141
  • Extended the rename textbox width in the details layout by @duke7553 in #7445
  • Do not block UI while loading drive properties by @gave92 in #7464
  • Properly toggle “permanent delete” check in confirmation dialog by @gave92 in #7500

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a crash that would occur when dropping a shortcut over an executable file by @gave92 in #6696
  • Fixed copying shortcuts, small changes to ftp by @gave92 in #6703
  • Fixed an issue where the option to reset the default file explorer wouldn’t work after reinstalling Files by @gave92 in #6769
  • Fixed an issue where changing the sort option would create a hidden file by @gave92 in #6741
  • Fixed an issue where grouping by date might include files from previous week by @SHADOW-XIII in #6898
  • Fixed an issue where restoring items from recycle bin would remove the file extension by @d2dyno1 in #6985
  • Fixes an issue causing the file tags list to be serialized wrong by @gave92 in #7017
  • Fixed an issue where file extensions would sometimes get removed when renaming items by @gave92 in #7015
  • Fixed invalid items from being added to bundles by @d2dyno1 in #7119
  • Fixed search button on home page by @cinqmilleans in #7118
  • Fixed inner toolbar state on startup by @cinqmilleans in #7166
  • Show network shortcuts on the sidebar by @gave92 in #7185
  • Workaround for copying to MTP by @gave92 in #7212
  • Avoid reading the whole file into memory when adding a file to a .zip archive by @gave92 in #7123
  • Fixed an issue where clicking the okay button in the properties window sometimes wouldn’t work by @gave92 in #7201
  • Prevent repetitive viewport analysis in PointerMoved by @duke7553 in #7366
  • Fixed right pane being always loaded by @gave92 in #7376
  • Fixed an issue where some buttons didn’t have text by @gave92 in #7381
  • Fixed folder shortcuts opening in explorer by @gave92 in #7391
  • Fixed text selection when renaming by @gave92 in #7455
  • Fixed advanced properties opening in the wrong window by @gave92 in #7439

Download: Microsoft Store