Files File Explorer 2.3.7 released

files award
files award

Private developer Yair Aichenbaum officially released his new Files File Explorer build 2.3.7, which improved a lot over recent years. It has become quite a project. Now you can download the updated app officially in the Microsoft Store or on GitHub.

This release includes a number of bug fixes and improvements for extracting, viewing and editing archives.

Changelog for Files File Explorer 2.3.7

The next generation of Files

This milestone marks the beginning of a reinvigorated effort to modernize and improve the architecture of the Files codebase. A well-architected, testable codebase will not only attract new contributors but enables us to offer platform-specific benefits in the long run. Furthermore, we will be able to iterate faster, accelerating our transition to the Windows App SDK. Switching will remove longstanding limitations in the present app model and will enable us to deliver improvements in net performance and reliability.

We hope to share more about this effort in the coming months.