Files File Manager 2.013.0 for Windows

Files Final Release
Files Final Release

After a long wait, it has finally become true. The Release of Files File Manager from Yair and his team.

At first glance, Files File Manager 2.013.0 looks great, but we all need some time to see how it all holds up. We can see there was quite a lot of work done to bring the project to where it is now. The new Files File Manager is ready for use on Windows 10, and Windows 11.

Files File Manager 2.0
Files File Manager 2.0

Files is a file manager with a powerful yet intuitive design. It has features like multiple tabs, panes, columns, shell extensions, and tags. This is an open-source project and community participation is welcome.

To participate, please visit

However, Judge for yourself and download the new Files File Manager 2.013.0 down below.

Fixed or Changed

  • Added a column layout
  • Redesigned the right-click context menu
  • Improved support for libraries
  • Improved item enumeration speed
  • Improved the design of the preview pane
  • Improved the search feature
  • Added details when moving & deleting items
  • Added support for canceling file operations
  • Improved behavior when opening new tabs
  • Allow dragging items without selecting them first
  • Added advanced options for solving conflicts when transferring files
  • Added the ability to create a folder with the current selection
  • Display more details when hovering the mouse over a file
  • Clicking the up button in the root directory now navigates to the home page
  • Added a setting to always open folders in a new tab
  • Added support for using executables as drop targets
  • Added support for grouping folder contents
  • Added keyboard shortcuts for changing the layout mode
  • Added support for copying, moving, and renaming items as administrator
  • Added support for changing file permissions
  • Added support for browsing and extracting archives
  • Added compact overlay mode
  • Added FTP support

Download: On Github

Thanks Yair for this fantastic new app.