Yair Aichenbaum released another update of Files file manager with build number 2.15. The new build comes with a lot of newly added features and fixes.

Files 2.15 is a file manager with a powerful yet intuitive design. It has features like multiple tabs, panes, columns, shell extensions, and tags. This is an open-source project and community participation is welcome.

Changed in Files file manager 2.15

Bug fixes in Files file manager 2.15

  • Fixed an issue preventing users from creating multiple bundles by @d2dyno1 in #7787
  • Fixed Nextcloud detection by @50thomatoes50 in #7763
  • Fixed loading of items under network by @gave92 in #7931
  • Fixed crash that would occur when repeatedly clicking the restore default button by @puppetsw in #7891
  • Fixed an issue where switching layouts would hide the text in empty directories by @puppetsw in #7909
  • Fixed the focus issues in the delete confirmation dialog issue by @puppetsw in #7882
  • Fixed an issue where folders weren’t removed from the JumpList by @puppetsw in #7867
  • Fixed image thumbnails not appearing by @gave92 in #7881

Download: Files-File-Manager

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Files App
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