Files File Manager build 2.4

Files File Manager build 2.4
Files File Manager build 2.4

Private developer Yair Aichenbaum officially released his new Files File Manager build 2.4, which improved a lot over recent years. It has become quite a project. Now you can download the updated app officially in the Microsoft Store or on GitHub.

Changelog for Files File Manager build 2.4

  • Added support for changing the default layout mode
  • Added support for changing the default sorting and grouping options
  • Added a tooltip with storage information when hovering over-drives
  • Added an extract archive button to the toolbar when viewing archives
  • Fixed issue where the default file manager option would affect other user accounts
  • Fixed the issue where sidebar icons were blurry
  • Added menu option to compress items into archive
  • Display recent searches when clicking on the search box
  • Display error message when shortcut target cannot be found
  • Added option to set the default column sizes in the details layout
  • Fixed issue where right click didn’t always select the file/folder hovered over
  • Auto-select the folder option on the add item dialog
  • Added setting to select files and folders on mouse hover
  • Updated the list view/grid view styles on Windows 10
  • Display prompt when a user doesn’t have permission to access a folder
  • Added support for creating and extracting password-protected archives
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Download: Microsoft Store

Download: GitHub