Today, Nvidia released an updated GeForce 511.65 WHQL Game Ready Driver to the public.

The new driver comes with some security fixes and solves some game-related issues. The new driver also brings support for Dying Light 2 Stay Humanm, and Sifu. For more support notes, read more here.

Changed or Fixed in Driver-Update GeForce 511.65 WHQL Game Ready Driver

  • [Windows11][Far Cry 6]: Geometric corruption occurs in the benchmark and in gameplay.
  • Multiple apps report stutter (or light to poor hitching) due to allocation creation.
  • [Notebook]: With Advanced Optimus configured in dGPU mode, notebook will display a black screen.
  • Some 3440×1440 monitors may display a black screen when selecting a DLDSR resolution.
  • [DirectX 12]: GeForce Experience Freestyle filters may cause the game to flicker.
  • [Forza Horizon]: The game freezes when applying livery or vinyl to certain cars when ray tracing is enabled.

The driver is available for Windows 10 and 11.

Download: Nvidia-Driver-Update