GeForce 522.25 Graphics WHQL Driver

GeForce 522.25 Graphics WHQL Driver
GeForce 522.25 Graphics WHQL Driver

Nvidia released a new WHQL graphics driver to the public today. The new driver comes with support for RTX 4090. And as usual, some game-related fixes and improved support.

Fixed in GeForce 522.25 Graphics WHQL Driver 

  • [Teardown] Fixes performance degradation observed when using MSI Afterburner Overlay
  • Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands displays texture distortion after prolonged play on NVIDIA GPUs
  • UE5.1 crashes when path tracking is enabled on some drivers

Remaining Issues

  • Turning HDR on and off in the game causes stability issues in the game when using a non-native resolution.
  • Videos played in Microsoft Edge may appear green when NVIDIA Image Scaling is enabled when waking up from hibernation or booting with fast boot.
  • [DirectX 12] Shadow play shots may appear overexposed if Use HDR is enabled in the Windows display settings.
  • The monitor may flicker briefly when waking up from hibernation when DSR/DLDSR is enabled.
  • [RTX 30 Series] Lower performance in Minecraft Java Edition.
  • [Forza Horizon 5] Rainbow-like artifacts in the game after driver update.
  • Dell XPS 9560 May Crash and Restart While Using Desktop Applications
  • Maxon – Cinema4D + Redshift3D Vidmemory assignments cause TDR or driver crash
  • RedCine-X Pro may crash while working with effects during video playback

Download: Driver-Update