Google Chrome Stable made a big step forward with the release of build 96.0.4664.45.

It’s rolling out to all users on every platform over the coming days. The new release comes with some minor changes, but it’s the first in the build of 96.

Read more below on what’s changed in the new release. Google Chrome still has the largest market share, from around 68%, and is the most used browser there is.

Changed in Google Chrome 96

  • Chrome now analyzes DNS records for an HTTP domain in order to find an HTTPS record. If it finds one, it will directly connect through HTTPS.
  • Faster browsing thanks to a new cache for cross-site navigation.
  • Comes with security improvements related to WebAssembly.
  • Some PWA improvements
    • They can now register their protocols and URL handling. Thanks to this, a link to Twitter can be now opened in the Twitter web app, a YouTube video will play in YouTube PWA, and so on.
    • PWA on both Desktop and Android will eventually get a unified method of providing their IDs. Currently, Desktop PWA’s ID depends on its URL, and IDs on Android depend on its manifest. Google is about to provide the ability to define an independent value from both URL and manifest.

Download: GG-Update