Intel Arc Graphics Driver Beta

Intel Arc Graphics Driver Beta
Intel Arc Graphics Driver Beta

Intel again released a new and improved Intel Arc Graphics Driver in Beta with version number It brings the following game-related fixes you can read about in the changelog down below.

The driver comes with support for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, Resident Evil Village Gold Edition, and Victoria 3.

Changelog for Intel Arc

[Fixed Issues]

  • Some Intel® Arc™ A700-series Desktop Graphics products may exhibit lower than expected VRAM frequency values.
  • Marvels’ Spider-Man* (DX12) may exhibit scene corruption when Ambient Occlusion is disabled or set to HBAO+.
  • Payday 2* (DX9) may exhibit texture corruption when aiming down sights.
  • Resident Evil Village* (DX12) may exhibit color corruption within the Heisenberg Factory area.
  • Age of Empire II & III: Definitive Edition* (DX11) exhibits text corruption in the game menus.
  • Topaz Video Enhance AI* is exhibiting lower-than-expected performance with Intel® Arc™ A380 series.

[Intel Arc Control Fixed Issues]

  • Arc Control may fail to correctly update. A workaround is to uninstall Arc Control from Add or Remove
    programs before updating.
  • Using Arc Control Studio Capture with “In Stream” mode enabled may not correctly record the entire clip when under a 1080p resolution setting

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