Intel Arc Graphics Driver Beta

Intel Arc Graphics Driver Beta
Intel Arc Graphics Driver Beta

Intel released a new Intel Arc Graphics DCH Driver that brings improved support. The new driver can be used on Windows 10 and Windows 11. The driver comes with build number

Changed for Intel Arc Graphics Driver Beta

  • Vulkan’s support for D3D12 mapping layer enables Windows Subsystem for Android
  • Preview support for Agility SDK 1.606.3 and Agility SDK 1.706.3 – Developer features for Intel Arc A-Series graphics cards. Support for additional Intel graphics cards will be made available in future driver updates.
    • Shader Model 6.7
    • Support for QuadAny/QuadAll-Ops to query quad-lane results
    • Additional control over the interaction of Wave Ops with Helper Lanes in Wave Ops mode
    • Optimized barriers for finer control of barriers

Remaining Issues for Intel Arc Controller

  • Checking for driver updates or trying to install driver updates through Intel Arc Control can sometimes
    display the message “Failed to install the driver.”
  • Smooth Sync is enabled by default when Application Selection is selected under Image Transfer on the Intel Arc Controls game settings page.
  • The Performance Tuning page in Intel Arc Control may appear incorrectly visible or configurable on unsupported platforms. If this is the case, changing settings on this page may trigger an error message and/or not work.
  • When you start Intel Arc Control, a Windows® UAC prompt may appear.
  • Known Issues for Shader Model 6.7
  • Helper lanes running in legacy environments (Shader Model 6.6 and below) may be
    affected by Wave Ops that use pixel shaders and vertex shaders.
  • Advanced texture operations are not implemented for current graphics products.

Download: Driver-Update