Intel released Wireless Bluetooth Update version number 22.10.0 for Windows 10.

Note: Some products support only 64-bit version of Windows 10. See supported operating systems for Intel® Wireless Products for details.

Changes or Fixes in this Release:

  • On some systems with multiple Bluetooth devices (e.g. mouse, keyboard, headset or stylus) connected simultaneously, some devices may stop working or lose connection while in the middle of use.
  • Some devices may experience “No Advertisement” problem after some period of BLE scanning while using the TruU application.
  • On some systems, Bluetooth device may show a yellow bang in Device Manager after rebooting or resuming from Sleep/ Hibernation mode.
  • On some systems, rarely Bluetooth device may show a yellow bang, or it may disappear in Device Manager after resuming from long hours in idle mode.
  • Intel® Wireless Bluetooth® 22.10.0 driver has been updated to include functional and security updates. Users should update to the latest version.

Download: DriverRelease Notes