KB5007189 SU for Windows 10 1909

KB5007189 SU for Windows 1909
KB5007189 SU for Windows 1909

Microsoft released another security update for Windows 10 1909.

This security update is suitable for: Windows 10 Enterprise, version 1909 Windows 10 Enterprise, and Education, version 1909 Windows 10 IoT Enterprise, version 1909.

After installing this security update, your build number will be 18362.1916.

Changed or Fixed in KB5007189

  • Addresses a known issue that might prevent the successful installation of printers using the Internet Printing Protocol (IPP).

  • Addresses an issue of a 0 (zero) width Pen to render one pixel regardless of transformation.
  • Adds a feature to facilitate certain cross-browser data transfers.
  • Addresses an issue in JScript9.dll with PropertyGet.
  • Addresses an issue in which Assigned Access kiosks configured with Microsoft Edge as a kiosk application would sometimes fail to restart Microsoft Edge if users closed the browser window.
  • Enhances Microsoft Defender for Endpoint’s ability to identify and intercept ransomware and advanced attacks.

  • Addresses an issue in which File Explorer stops responding and Event 1000 with the exception code 0xc0000005 is logged in the Application event log. This issue occurs after installing Windows updates KB5005624 and KB5006667 that were released on or before October 12, 2021.

Important: You must install July 13, 2021, SSU (KB5004748) before installing the LCU.