KB5022363 Windows 11 Build 2262x.1180

KB5022363 Windows 11 Build 2262x.1180
KB5022363 Windows 11 Build 2262x.1180

Microsoft released Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 22621.1180 and Build 22623.1180 to the Beta Channel.

  • Build 22623.1180 = New features rolling out.
  • Build 22621.1180 = New features off by default.

What’s new in Build 22621.1180 & 22623.1180

Updates to your cloud storage in settings for Windows 11

With today’s build, the Settings app supports new visuals on your Accounts page to provide a visual overview of your cloud storage usage across Microsoft products. The new visuals include a consolidated cloud storage bar that shows your storage usage for each product and notifies you if you’re running low on storage. We removed the quota bar from our subscriptions card to eliminate duplication on these visuals. Outlook attachment data will be included in your cloud storage as displayed on the visual with today’s build. This change will gradually roll out starting with a small number of insiders, so not everyone will see it right away. You may see an alert regarding your storage usage; however, it does not impact your storage amount until as early as February 1st, 2023. Learn more about cloud storage here.

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Widgets Improvements

In the most recent update for Widgets, we are removing the sign-in requirement for the widgets board and making it available for all users. Now, you can now get weather updates on the taskbar, pin widgets from your favorite apps or access personalized dynamic feed without an account.

widgets unauthenticated

Fixes in Build 22623.1180

[Taskbar & System Tray]

  • Fixed an issue where right clicking on certain icons in the hidden icons flyout would make the flyout dismiss rather than bringing up the context menu for that icon.
  • Fixed an explorer.exe crash which could happen when attempting to load certain app icons.
  • Task view should no longer show behind the taskbar when using tablet-optimized taskbar options.
  • Fixed an issue that was preventing taskbar from showing in Safe Mode when using the new search box option.

[Task Manager]

  • When the Task Manager window size is small and the search box collapses to an icon, hovering over the icon will now show a tooltip.
  • Fixed a few issues with how icons and labels were displayed when a contrast mode is enabled.


  • Fixed an issue where Braille devices were incorrectly saying there was no screen on the latest version of Braille.

Get Help app: Troubleshoot network issues

Getting disconnected from the internet hurts productivity at work and relaxation at home. To help you get back online we’re replacing the Network Troubleshooter in the OS with a modern Get Help based experience. With new APIs that diagnose problems and offer specific recommendations to get online, the app targets the 30 most common connectivity issues. To use the new experience, you will need Get Help app version 10.2208.2551.0 or greater.

Troubleshoot network issues

Download: x64-KB5022363

Download: arm-KB5022363

How to install: Unzip the downloaded .zip file, Inside the unzipped folder Run W10UI.cmd as Administrator. Choose option 0 to start the installation from the CMD menu.