Lively 1.5 Update for Windows 10 Desktop Enhancement

lively 1.5 update 2
lively 1.5 update 2

Do you get bored easily looking at the same desktop every day?

Maybe you can give this app a go, and see all the wonders it can realize. With Lively 1.5 you can enhance your Taskbar theme, lock screen, and Desktop Wallpaper.

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Changed and Fixed

  • New taskbar theming support with several options.
    Clear: Transparent taskbar.
    Blur: Blurred taskbar.
    Fluent: Acrylic blur taskbar.
    Wallpaper: Transparent taskbar based on live wallpaper average color (video/GIF only.)
    Wallpaper Fluent: Same as Wallpaper but fluent style (video/GIF only.)
  • Further, read:
  • Set picture of live wallpaper on lock screen (video/GIF only.)
  • Set picture of live wallpaper on desktop (video/GIF only.)
  • Preview wallpaper now uses Stretch scaling by default.
  • Fixed an issue with wallpaper pause in span mode when application-focused pause is enabled.
  • Fixed a bug where capture thumbnail is producing artifact during multiple wallpaper import.
  • Updated messagebox styling.
  • Updated bundled .Net Core Runtime to v3.1.14.
  • Updated cefsharp browser to v90.6.50.
  • Updated youtube-dl to v2021.04.26.
  • Updated mpv player to v0.33.1.
  • Updated some translation strings.

Download: Lively 1.5