Lively is Available

Lively is Available
Lively is Available

Lively is a free and open-source application for setting GIFs, Videos, and Webpages as your desktop wallpaper and screensaver! The new update includes a critical stability patch and a new theme feature that lets you personalize Lively experience.

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What’s changed in Lively

[Application theme]



  • Fixed IPC connection not closing when exiting client, this should fix the application crashing in some instances.
  • Fixed excessive console.log() crashing html wallpapers.
  • Fixed some UI/UX inconsistencies.


  • Updated WindowsAppSDK v1.1.5
  • Updated .NET Core Desktop Runtime v6.0.9
  • Updated CefSharp browser v105.3.390.0
  • Updated dependency libraries.
  • Updated translations and added Czech language.

[Known issues]

  • Incompatibility with MSI Afterburner RivaTuner Statistics Server, HW64 or other overlay – add exception for Lively UI.
  • Elevation (Run as admin) is not fully supported in some versions of Windows.

Download: GitHub
Download: Microsoft Store