Microsoft Edge Beta 97.0.1072.21
Microsoft Edge Beta 97.0.1072.21

Microsoft Edge 97.0.1072.21 is currently in the Beta Channel. The Edge team added some new features you can read about down below.

Added to Edge Beta

  • Use current profile to sign into websites when multiple work or school accounts are signed in on a device. When multiple work or school accounts are signed in on a device, users will be asked to choose an account from the account picker to continue their visits to websites. In this release, users will be prompted to allow Microsoft Edge to sign in to the websites automatically with the work and school account signed in-to current profile. Users can turn this feature on and off in Settings/Profile preferences.
  • Add support for Microsoft Endpoint Data Loss Prevention (DLP) on MacOS. Microsoft Endpoint DLP policy enforcement is available natively on MacOS.
  • Open digitally signed PDF files. Digital signatures are used extensively to validate the authenticity of, and changes to, a document. Users will be able to validate the signatures for PDF files directly from the browser, without the need for any add-ins.
  • Citations in Microsoft Edge. Citing sources for research is a common requirement for students. They have to manage many research references and sources, which is no easy task. They also have to translate these citations to proper citation formats like APA, MLA, and Chicago. This new “Citations” feature in Microsoft Edge (now in Preview) gives students a better way to manage and generate citations as they research online. With Citations turned on in Collections or from Settings and more (Alt-F), Microsoft Edge automatically generates citations that students can use later, so they can stay focused on their research. When they’re done, they can easily compile these citations into a final deliverable. For more information, see Previewing Citations in Microsoft Edge.

Source: Microsoft