With the release of Edge 87, scheduled for next month, Microsoft plans to enable the forced IE-to-Edge action for all IE users.Starting next month, users trying to access certain websites (1156 in total) will see IE refuse to load the page and opens it up in Edge. See Video

Microsoft forcibly opens up websites in Edge instead of Internet Explorer


At the heart of this new feature is a new DLL file that Microsoft quietly added to Edge installations this summer.

The DLL file, named ie_to_edge_bho.dll, is a Browser Helper Object (BHO). BHO files are plugins for Internet Explorer. This file is installed at:

C:\Program Files\Microsoft\Edge\Application\[VERSION]\BHO\

C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft\Edge\Application\[VERSION]\BHO\

Even if the BHO file is stored inside the Edge folder, the BHO is loaded via a registry key inside IE every time the user starts Internet Explorer.

This BHO works by monitoring what websites a user is trying to access, regardless if the navigation comes from clicking on a link or by typing the URL in the address bar.

Currently, the list of pages affected by this new feature contains 1,156 entries.
Some of the sites included are YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Yahoo Mail, StackOverflow, StackExchange, VK, ESPN, Chase, Hotstar, Moneygram, eharmony, and GoDaddy. And so on.

This means that from next month, most IE users will not be able to load these sites in Internet Explorer, every time they try, it will open in a new Edge window.

Of course this new action is only available on systems with both Edge and IE installed. System administrators managing older workstations with only IE installed don’t need to worry about this forced redirect to Edge.

Source: zdnet.com