As of now, you can download the newly updated version of PowerToys version 0.31.1.

This version comes with some fixes and new added functionality. Concerning the video conference utility, Microsoft is planning to roll out a DirectShow-based version in February with the hope to merge the utility into the main PowerToys repository in February / March timeframe.

Changes and Fixes:


  • Bug report tool and improved logging now added to our system tray.
  • Added in CodeQL and other CI improvements.
  • OOBE Spec should be finalized

ARM64 Progress

  • .NET Core upgrade for code bases the PowerToys team controls is complete. We still have two external dependencies that are .NET Framework that need to be updated.

Color Picker

  • Bug fixes in editor


  • Streamlined, simplified user interface (Massive thanks to¬†@niels9001)
  • Dark mode for the editor
  • Certain settings (e.g. number of zones, spacing settings) can now be set on individual layouts.
  • Bug fixes

File explorer

  • Fixed OneDrive SVG Bug
  • SVG are scaled appropriately when viewbox is provided
  • SVG thumbnail quality improved

PowerToys Run

  • Service management plugin (restart, stop, …)
  • Registry key plugin
  • System action plugin (Reboot, lock, …)
  • Hyperbolic functions added to calculator
  • Icon fixes when running in certain themes
  • Unneeded dependencies removed
  • Bug fixes


  • Default to .NET Core 3.1.11

Download: PowerToys on GitHub