Microsoft Store with App version Displayed
Microsoft Store with App version Displayed

As you all have noticed, the new Microsoft Store doesn’t display the app version number of any app installed.

Microsoft made a change, added the version number to display in the app’s description. For now, it is only available on Windows 11 Beta and in the Dev channel.

With the new Microsoft Store, you don’t have to open up the app itself to know which version app you are on.

The new Microsoft Store App Preview can also be installed on Windows 11 22000 if you want to. Like to try the new Store app right now? Download it down below and do the following:

  • Download the Appx-Package .zip file here down below.
  • Unpack the file on your c: drive
  • Open PowerShell as (administrator)
  • Copy this: Add-AppxPackage “C:\Microsoft.WindowsStore_22111.1402.1.0_neutral___8wekyb3d8bbwe.Msixbundle”
  • Paste in PowerShell and hit enter.

Download: Store-Preview