Modern Winver for Windows 10 and 11

Modern Winver for Windows 10 and 11
Modern Winver for Windows 10 and 11

As you well know, Microsoft has not yet managed to adapt “winver” to Windows 11 overall styling.

TorchGM made Modern Winver with a lot of nice new functionality compared to the original Winver.

Modern Winver

It’s one of the first releases, so it’s possible you will find some minor bugs in Modern Winver.

Developer: Description

This app is a modern and more functional replacement for the About Windows screen, providing details on Windows and your PC. It lets you quickly view information about your system, the version of Windows you’re running, and your personalization options.

You can check which build and edition of Windows you’re using, copy your wallpapers, get the hex code for your accent color, check the properties of your CPU, and more.

You can quickly launch Modern Winver from a browser or the Run prompt by typing “mwv:”.

Note: There may be some bugs or issues. If you run into any problems, please let me know by filing an issue on GitHub.

I’m really curious what’s ahead for the future, is more even possible?

Download: GitHub