MSEdgeRedirect available

MSEdgeRedirect available
MSEdgeRedirect available

MSEdgeRedirect is a tool to redirect news, search, widgets, weather, and much more to your default browser.

Developer: This tool filters and passes the command line arguments of Microsoft Edge processes into the default browser instead of hooking into the Microsoft-edge: handler, this should provide resiliency against future changes. Additionally, an Image File Execution Options mode is available to operate similarly to the Old EdgeDeflector.

The file is available as .zip or .exe. You can download the newly updated version MSEdgeRedirect on GitHub, down below this page.

MSEdgeRedirect comes with the following changes

  • Fixed PDF handling
  • Updated Submodule code
  • Fixed issues with Regex case-sensitivity
  • Added “Default” option for PDF handler
  • Fixes issues with NoMoreEdge detection
  • Add Warning if Installer fails to copy files
  • Fixed Windows Notifications not being handled
  • Fixes issues for users with non-C: Windows Installs
  • Fixed Edge Case in which MSEdgeRedirect might infinitely loop
  • Temporarily removed /update command line option. This will be improved in
  • Swapped to a directory junction for IFEO passthrough. Permanently fixes asking to update IFEO file!

Upcoming Roadmap (Spring):

  • Per User Active Mode Option
  • Installer and Updater Logic Overhaul
  • Service Mode Quality of Life Improvements (Summer):

  • UI Overhaul
  • Code Freeze
  • Wiki and other documentation updated (End of Summer):

  • Code Refactor/Rewrite
  • Version Release (Probably the next day due to bugs):

  • Bug fixes

Download: Update