NanaZip 1.0 Final Released

NanaZip 1.0 Final Released
NanaZip 1.0 Final Released

‪Kenji Mouri‬ released another updated NanaZip to the public. Just on Dec 2, 2021, we reported about the brand-new tool called NanaZip.

Today there is a final update of this tiny tool you can download for free down below. It’s a good compression tool you can use for Windows 11 or Windows 10, and it’s even showing up on the good side of the context menu in Windows 11.

NanaZip is an open-source file archiver intended for the modern Windows experience, forked from the source code of well-known open-source file archiver 7-Zip 21.03. You can find NanaZip file-archiver in the Microsoft Store and is free to use. It’s meant for use on -Windows 10 and Windows 11.

Changed or Fixed in NanaZip 1.0 Final

  • Modernize the build toolchain with MSBuild to use MSIX packaging and support for side-by-side compilation. This has the advantage that users who do not have access to the store can still use NanaZip.
  • We use the VC-LTL 5.x toolchain to make the size of the binaries even smaller than the official 7-Zip, as we can use ucrtbase.dll directly and use the optimizations of the modern compile toolchain.
  • Added support for the context menu in Windows 10/11 File Explorer.
  • New icons
  • Updated 7-Zip from 21.03 to 21.06.
  • Enable parsing of NSIS script support in the NSIS archives.
  • Functions from the 7-Zip ZStandard branch have been integrated.

Download: Update-GitHub