NanaZip stable update for download

NanaZip stable update for download
NanaZip stable update for download

Kenji Mouri‬, the developer of NanaZip, released another newly updated NanaZip stable to the public. This time stable version

It’s a good compression tool you can use on Windows 11 or Windows 10, and it’s even showing up on the good side of the context menu in Windows 11.

NanaZip is an open-source file archiver intended for the modern Windows experience, forked from the source code of the well-known open-source file archiver 7-Zip.

You can find the NanaZip file-archiver in the Microsoft Store or on the developer’s GitHub page down below. It’s free to use.

Changelog for NanaZip

  • Fix no ordinal 345 was found in the dynamically attached library issue in Self Extracting Executables. (Thanks to FadeMind.)
  • Add Per-Monitor DPI-Aware support for all GUI components.
  • Adjust and simplify the compiler options for modernizing.
  • Fix i18n issue for the About dialog. (Thanks to AndromedaMelody.)
  • Update installation tutorial. (Suggested by AndromedaMelody.)
  • The fix cannot start the editor issue when only the store edition of notepad existed. (Thanks to AndromedaMelody.)
  • Modernize the i18n implementation via migrating language files from .txt to .resw. (Contributed by AndromedaMelody. Suggested by Maicol Battistini.)
  • Update ModernWin32MessageBox for solving the infinite loop issue in some cases. (Thanks to AndromedaMelody.)
  • Tweak icons and provide icons for preview versions. (Designed by Alice (四月天). Thanks to StarlightMelody.)
  • Fix a crash issue when opening archive files. (Thanks to 1human and Maicol Battistini.)
  • Remove the Language page in the Options dialog because NanaZip will follow the language settings from Windows itself.
  • Fix the issue of the i18n implementation of File Type Association. (Contributed by AndromedaMelody.)
  • Add i18n support for GUI edition of Self Extracting Executable. (Contributed by AndromedaMelody.)

Download: Update-GitHub