NanaZip file archiver for Windows 11

NanaZip file archiver for Windows 11
NanaZip file archiver for Windows 11

One thing you really like, after installation of NanaZip you will find it on the new side of the context menu in Windows 11.

NanaZip is an open-source file archiver intended for the modern Windows experience, forked from the source-code of well-known open-source file archiver 7-Zip 21.03. You can find NanaZip file-archiver in the Microsoft Store and is free to use. It’s meant for use on -Windows 10 and Windows 11.

Changelog for NanaZip 1.0 Preview

  • Enable parsing the NSIS script support in the NSIS archives. (Suggested by alanfox2000. Thanks to myfreeer.)
  • Simplify the separator layout in the context menu implementation.
  • Fix app still displays in folder context menu, resulting in empty entry that doesn’t do anything when no options that could interact. (Thanks to shiroshan.)
  • Fix the application crash in some cases caused by some issues in the exception handler implementation from VC-LTL 5.x. (Thanks to mingkuang.)
  • Update new icons. (Designed by Alice (四月天), Chi Lei, Kenji Mouri, Rúben Garrido and Sakura Neko.)
  • Make main NanaZip package contains all resources.
  • Fix the command line help string. (Thanks to adrianghc.)

Download: Update-GitHub