.NET 6 Ready for Download

net 6 whats new
net 6 whats new

Microsoft released .NET 6 and is ready for download with a lot of improvements and better performance. You can download the updated version for Windows, Linux, and macOS down below.

New in Dot NET 6

.NET 6 delivers the final parts of the .NET unification plan that started with .NET 5. .NET 6 unifies the SDK, base libraries, and runtime across mobile, desktop, IoT, and cloud apps. In addition to this unification, the .NET 6 ecosystem offers:

  • Simplified development: Getting started is easy. New language features in C# 10 reduce the amount of code you need to write. And investments in the web stack and minimal APIs make it easy to quickly write smaller, faster microservices.
  • Better performance: .NET 6 is the fastest full-stack web framework, which lowers compute costs if you’re running in the cloud.
  • Ultimate productivity: .NET 6 and Visual Studio 2022 provide hot reload, new git tooling, intelligent code editing, robust diagnostics, and testing tools, and better team collaboration.

.NET 6 will be supported for three years as a long-term support (LTS) release.

Preview features are disabled by default. They are also not supported for use in production and may be removed in a future version. The new RequiresPreviewFeaturesAttribute is used to annotate preview APIs, and a corresponding analyzer alerts you if you’re using these preview APIs.

.NET 6 is supported by Visual Studio 2022 and Visual Studio 2022 for Mac (and later versions).

This article does not cover all the new features of .NET 6. To see all the new features, and for further information about the features listed in this article, see the Announcing Dot NET 6 blog post.

Improved Performance

.NET 6 includes numerous performance improvements. This section lists some improvements. For detailed information, see the Performance improvements in Dot NET 6 blog post.