Notepad++ 8.1.2 Dark for Windows 11

notepad windows 11
notepad windows 11

Notepad ++ has been updated for use in Windows 11 and comes with some minor fixes.

Six more shades have been added to the selection, Dark Mode Dynamic Color Adjustment has also been added.

Fixed or Changed

  • Make dark mode restartless.
  • Activate dark mode in Windows 11.
  • Make Notepad++ dark mode colors customizable: add 6 more color tone choices.
  • Add customizing dynamically dark mode colors capacity
  • Add command line flag -udl=”UDL name” to open a file by applying an existent UDL via its name.
  • Use always current file directory in File Rename dialog.
  • Fix “Remember last used directory” unexpected behaviour.
  • Fix corrupted encoding text on status bar if shortcut assigned to encode command.
  • Add a Save all confirm dialog.
  • Improve JavaScript auto-completion.

Download: Notepad++ 8.1.2